Tips and Hints

Tips for a stress-free business trip

   Planning A successful business trip begins with good planning. In advance you should inform yourself about the weather, the current political situation and if you are traveling outside of the euro area also about the current exchange rate. One should also remember to load the city map of the city you are traveling to on your smartphone. Google Maps offers this possibility with the “offline maps”. It is also advisable to take a screenshot of each subway network.

   Hand luggage All luggage should ideally fit in the hand luggage trolley. This saves time both before departure and after landing. Hand luggage can not be lost. Before departure, check the maximum size and weight of your hand luggage. If you roll your clothes instead of folding them, you will not have to iron crumpled shirts or blouses before the business meeting. However, crumpled garments can be ironed on in the hotel, activate most existing irons or hang them in the shower and turn on the hot water. Caution: The clothing should not get wet, but only come into contact with the water vapor. The steam smooths the wrinkles.

   Packing properly Mostly you are only one to three days for an appointment in a foreign city. As a rule, it is therefore enough for a business trip to pack a spare suit and shirts according to the number of days on the ground (plus a spare shirt). These include matching ties, socks and underwear. The latter can be stuffed in your shoes. Personal care items such as toothpaste or shower gel are in any case only in small, carry-on suitable bottles or tubes (less than 100 ml) with. If something is missing, you can buy it at the destination or use the concierge service in the hotel. If you only travel with hand luggage, it is best to keep warm outerwear such as coats or jackets until after boarding.

   Checked-in luggage Hand luggage does not always offer enough space. Then there is no choice but to check in luggage. Again, the weight check is recommended, because excess baggage can come expensive. Clever travelers do not have black or gray suitcases, which may or may not be easily distinguishable from those of other travelers when being returned to the baggage claim. Or they mark their bags at least with colored stickers or cloths.

   Digital backup Before leaving the house or the office for the airport, make sure that you have all the important documents you are looking for: passport, plane tickets, booking confirmations from the hotel or rental car. In the event that something is lost or stolen on a business trip, it is helpful to scan all the important documents such as passport, driver’s license, tickets and booking confirmations from the hotel or rental car company. They can be conveniently stored on the smartphone or tablet. You can also use a cloud service or send the digital documents by e-mail yourself. In that case, however, keep in mind that you will need a mobile internet connection if the case arises.

   Working on the way Before you leave, make sure you have an overview of when you have time slots to complete tasks – such as at the airport before departure, during the flight or at the hotel before a business meeting. This allows you to optimally use waiting times. Make sure you have access to all necessary documents. Ideally, your company offers you VPN access to your workstation. If this is not the case, then you should protect the required files accordingly and if necessary also encrypted upload to a cloud server.

   Electricity and WLAN A long journey is imminent and shortly after departure, the battery is already running dry, because in the rush before it was forgotten on the shop. That too is not a problem if you are prepared. Solution number one are additional batteries, so-called power banks, which provide the necessary juice in case of the case. However, the power banks must also be connected to the grid at regular intervals and notebooks usually need juice from a power outlet. Luckily, airports are already very well equipped with outlets these days. For business travelers, the airport lounges also offer charging and Wi-Fi connections. Many airports also offer travelers at least temporary free Wi-Fi connections. Relevant information is provided by the websites of the airports.