Checklist for business trip

Travel checklist / packing list for business trip

If you are on your way to a decisive business meeting, you can not use a battered suitcase or an empty battery from your laptop or cell phone. It is even worse when jetlag causes headaches and orientation in the foreign region is lost. Breakdowns are even more annoying for business travelers than for all other travelers, who usually have no significant deadline pressure. With some everyday tips, also called life hacks, business travelers can avoid additional stress. Life hacks are smart, small solutions that create resourceful solutions for difficult situations not only in everyday life, but also on business trips. A travel hack, for example, is clever and prudent to put together the luggage. Then travelers can then travel as relaxed as possible to business partners.

Finance and Means of Payment: Money, Cards & Organizational

Anyone traveling as an employee for their company is often provided with a company credit card. Such a card facilitates domestic and foreign payment transactions and guarantees hotel or car reservations. It is practical that the debit takes place directly from the company account, so that the traveler has to bear no costs himself. Business travelers who first have to come in for a presentation and later receive their expenses from the travel expenses are refunded by the employer must not forget their own payment cards and cash. Depending on your needs, business travelers choose from the checklist what is needed for them.

   Cash in euros

   Cash in foreign currency / foreign currency

   Corporate Credit Card

   private credit card

   Money card or debit card

   business wallet / wallet

   private wallet

   Survey with emergency telephone numbers of service hotlines of the bank / credit card provider

   Info sheet with notes on what to do in case of loss of company card and private card

   Phone number of the respective state police, in case of loss or theft of credit cards or cash or similar. must be reported

Tip: Business travelers who need to change swiftly can make a so-called virtual tour of some international airports or train stations before traveling. Google Street View provides insights into the terminals of many airports in Europe, America and Asia. This allows travelers to find the right way quickly.

First aid equipment for business trips: Some medications are essential

Frequently a huge time difference causes headaches and circulation problems. Anyone who has to concentrate all seven senses in order to shine abroad on a business trip needs specific aids and medicines. Dumb is also for business travelers if they have bitten at the destination of mosquitoes or appear with diarrhea to an appointment. Anyone traveling as a diabetic should clarify in advance what the medical care and treatment options at the destination look like. An international diabetic passport is essential in such a case. Business travelers, who need to take a drug on a permanent basis, also inquire prior to departure whether they are allowed to carry the medicine without imminent difficulties. With regard to the introduction of medicines, there are special rules in some countries.