Planning a business trip: uncomplicated process

Anyone who travels frequently must be well prepared. Especially if you are planning a business trip. An uncomplicated process is directly related to a successful deal.

Prepare your trip carefully with the BT software. The travel expense software enables you to plan and bill your business trip easily, quickly and location-independent. Annoyingly comparing dozens of options and offers is eliminated. Online, at any time and from any place, whether PC, tablet or web app. This software also saves over 50 percent of your time. Thus, your journey becomes a success.

When it comes to booking travel, business travelers often face an unmanageable number of providers, fares, and additional options. This is past with the travel cost software. Flight, train, hotel or car rental bookings can be handled with the software in just a few steps.

The travel policy is initially predefined by the administrator. This determines which providers and categories should be available to the traveling employees by default. Then it runs like clockwork. You can now plan your business trip. All travel procurement takes place with just a few clicks.

You combine your travel agent order with a planned business trip. After you have selected the desired means of travel and adapted your travel conditions, complete the booking with a mouse click.

Do you have personal travel preferences? Create an individual travel profile. In addition, frequent traveler cards can also be entered in your profile. Subsequently, the stored data are transmitted directly to the travel agency.

Thus, the business trip planning becomes a breeze!

Planning a Business Trip: Did You Have any Unexpected Events?

The travel policy of your company sets the cost and categories, but:

   The planned traffic connection is canceled in the short term and you must therefore choose a more expensive replacement, or

   You will be accompanied by a senior employee of your partner company and book a 1st class seat accordingly

No problem!

The exceptions or violations can be noted and justified within your travel procurement.